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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rope access?

Rope access is a professional abseiling service that enables us to carry out work in them hard to reach places and at great heights. Abseiling is the most cost-effective way to access places you’d otherwise have to hire cranes or build scaffolding. 

Why choose rope access (abseiling)?

At Access4You, our services can be used to complete work in almost any location including buildings, cliff faces, shopping centres and even in the rafters of a warehouse. Quick, safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, there is no better option than rope access. All our team members are trained to the highest levels in rope access. We can provide my services from window cleaning to building repairs.

Are professional abseilers the right option?

Abseiling is the most cost-effective way to reach heights that you’d otherwise have to hire a crane or construct scaffolding. Using specialised rope techniques, our hardworking team at Access4You can complete work without the use of scaffold, platforms or mechanical lifting equipment. Making rope access a quicker and safer service.  

Is rope access safe?

In short. Yes!

We use the latest rope techniques to reduce any risk of injury. Our lives are in our hands, and we take that very seriously. 

How high is too high?

We can set up and abseil off just about anything. No hight is too high. Vertigo isn’t a thing for us.

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